The St. Paul's Schools

St. Paul’s School for Boys, St. Paul’s School for Girls, and St. Paul's Pre and Lower School share a 120-acre campus, an Episcopal affiliation, and a mission to develop the intellect and character of our students. The histories of the schools are deeply intertwined, resulting in a long-standing, family-like relationship. However, before 2018, the governance structure was composed of two autonomous boards of trustees overseeing four corporate entities.

Following years of due diligence, the Boards of Trustees of St. Paul’s School for Girls and St. Paul’s School voted to unify the governance structure effective July 1, 2018. Unification means that one Board works for the benefit of all students, whether they are part of the Preschool, Lower School, boys’ school, or girls’ school. Each school retains its distinctive identity, traditions, and mission while operating as part of a highly coordinated and collaborative system with one president. 

This structure allows St. Paul’s to make the most of our unique model, where boys and girls are taught together and separately at just the right times in their development. As part of The St. Paul’s Schools, students benefit from a cohesive and sequential curriculum from preschool through grade 12, as well as access to a wide range of classes, facilities, and activities across campus. The sharing of resources helps to ensure the continued success of our schools in a highly competitive and ever-changing independent school landscape. 

Simply put, we are stronger together.