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The Dance Conservatory at The St. Paul's Schools has been designed for beginning through advanced dancers to identify, nurture, develop, and train the Baltimore community’s children in the art of dance.

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The Dance Conservatory at The St. Paul’s Schools

This program offers students the opportunity to foster and enrich their dance education through the development of technical proficiency, artistic growth, and creativity. The process of learning to dance also teaches discipline and self-awareness, defines limitations, and enhances musical aptitude, concentration, and focus. Throughout the year we will witness this process together, as each child develops new self-esteem and pride in his or her abilities.

Multiple disciplines including ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary are offered for all ages, from the youngest dancers through pre-collegiate and pre-professional training. Specialty classes, including musical theatre dance, acrobatics, and hip hop, allow dancers to further their skills for specific venues. Classes such as yoga, pilates, and stretch/conditioning are designed to help cross train dancers and athletes. Classes are held weekly, Monday through Sunday.

Amber Merrick

Artistic Director
410-823-6323 ext. 1136

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“Mrs. Rhodes and her outstanding teaching staff provide unparalleled rigor and exquisite attention to detail, developing skills and habits that will enable students to dance for a lifetime. My daughter transferred to TDC in 6th grade from a school that was putting many girls on pointe at an early age. By the time my daughter went on pointe in 9th grade at TDC, she had the strength and technique to do it properly and without injury.

Every spring, Mrs. Rhodes and the TDC faculty choreograph a ballet for the entire school to perform at the spring recital. These ballets amaze me in their ability to tell a compelling story, both narratively and artistically, while allowing each dancer to shine. The teachers / choreographers are a strikingly talented group of working dancers, and my daughter has grown fond of all of them. Guest instructors come from some of the top dance companies in the country. In recent years my daughter has expanded her repertoire to include lyrical, jazz, tap, and musical theater. Each discipline is taught with the same level of care and rigor as ballet. TDC has been a consistently positive influence in my daughter's life and has helped her develop confidence in herself, both physically and intellectually, as well as a positive body image.”

– Carol Berkower
 TDC Parent

“My daughter has taken her love of and passion for dance to another level after joining the TDC team. This studio is full of talented, professional and enthusiastic teachers following their passion and encouraging the students on their journey. The teachers regularly engage with each student regarding their aspirations, challenges, academic standing, summer plans, career goals, etc. The environment fosters the serious dancer, holds them accountable for their goals, and addresses their overall health and wellness. TDC is an overwhelmingly supportive environment in a world that can often be a bit intense for young girls. My daughter has loved every class she has taken at TDC and has learned so much in her short time here. We highly recommend joining the TDC family!”
– Charnetta Harvey
 TDC Parent

“After being in TDC for the past three years, it has taught me that I can do anything or be anything I want to by working hard and having self-confidence. I would say that TDC has been a blessing in my life ever since I started dancing at St. Paul's. Even though I've always love dancing, TDC has shown me that hard work pays off and recognition is valued. I love how TDC has a wide variety of faculty that are dedicated to their students and they want the best for them. I will miss TDC next year, but the memories will not be forgotten.”
– Amira Jowers

“I love TDC Company because of the relationship I have with all of the girls and teachers. We are not only friends inside the studio. We take fun trips to New York City, D.C., and even just team dinners at someone's house. I love that we hang out with each other outside of the studios, as other studios do not have those opportunities.”
– Olivia Gitters
TDC graduate ’21

“When my children first expressed interest in dance I knew I wanted to find a studio that offered excellent technique and a nurturing learning environment, and we found both at the Dance Conservatory. I am grateful for the ways TDC staff incorporate rigor and fun into every class and support a wide range of learning styles in their diverse student population. TDC staff have taken the time to get to know each of my children and to encourage them to grow to their fullest potential. We are thankful our family is part of such a positive dance community and look forward to many more years dancing with TDC.”
– Liz Eugene
 TDC Parent

“I love the TDC family because I have multiple best friends to come to every day no matter how hard your day was, everyone welcomes you and pushes you to be the best you can be.”
– Julie Koch, SPSG ’21
 Current TDC Student

“I love to dance at The Dance Conservatory because the teachers want you to grow as a dancer by challenging yourself, meeting new friends, and getting to work with guest artists over the summer. The teachers at TDC challenge you each class and provide help with movement so that you can be your best. I love coming to dance each day to see friends outside of school that you get to laugh with and have fun dancing together. The community at TDC is not competitive, we want each other to get better and improve to be our best. I've been on TDC Company for three years and have loved each year. Going to different competitions and different venues like the Cherry Blossom Festival and Baltimore Theatre Project gave company members the experience of competing against other studios and performing in different settings. Over the summer, I love coming to half days and evening classes because we get to maintain the strength we built during the year. Also, I love having guest artists come in and create combinations that we use throughout the year at competitions like Too Darn Hot by Darius Barnes and Overruled by Doug Baum. I am excited to see how TDC and company grow and evolve in the future.”
– Cree Seunarine

“The Dance Conservatory is a top-notch boutique dance studio offering an elite dance program. The dance teachers are energetic, highly motivated, and immensely talented. They know each of the students and offer personalized guidance. Natasha Rhodes, the Artistic Director, has a vision for the program and for each of her students. Anna has been training with Natasha and The Dance Conservatory since classes were first offered seven years ago In addition to classes, they organize trips to New York to take dance classes at The Broadway Dance Company and attend Broadway shows to see professional dancers perform. She has had opportunities to perform, compete, and take master classes from visiting instructors. The dance studio is light and spacious, and is conveniently located on the beautiful campus of The St Pauls Schools. The Dance Conservatory is a true gem, offering a superb comprehensive dance training in a professional yet personalized and nurturing environment. We love TDC!”
– Liz Tracey
 TDC Parent