Music Lessons

Welcome to the Music Lessons Program at The St. Paul’s Schools. These private lessons are offered weekly in the Ward Center by instructors who hold music degrees from conservatories and universities around the world. Lessons are available for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students on piano, guitar, voice, drums, violin, bass, flute, clarinet, and saxophone. All students have the opportunity to perform in a recital each year.

There are three 10-lesson sessions available during the school year, and additional lessons may be scheduled upon arrangement with the instructor on a prorated basis. Please contact Alys Keretses, director of music lessons and arts administrative assistant, at if you have questions before completing your registration. Payment must be made via credit card. Please note that there are separate links for payment and scheduling. 

We are excited about the offerings of the Music Lessons Program and look forward to sharing updated information with you about our rapidly expanding opportunities for our musicians! 


Alys Keretses
Director of Music Lessons and Arts Administrative Assistant

John Hendricks
Dean of the Arts


Areas of Study

Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Violin, Bass, Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone