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The 2021-22 Community Impact Report celebrates every donor and volunteer of The St. Paul’s Schools. Thank you to the nearly 2,000 parents, grandparents, students, faculty and staff, alumni and alumnae, parents of graduates, friends, and organizations who gave to St. Paul’s during the 2021-22 school year. Your combined generosity raised more than $8.1 million for the schools. 

Your gifts to the One St. Paul’s Fund, capital projects, and the endowment helped St. Paul’s enhance the arts, athletics, professional development for faculty, and the health and safety of our campus. This 2021-22 impact report highlights just a few examples of how donations benefited our people, programs, and campus. On behalf of The St. Paul’s Schools, thank you to the many donors and volunteers whose generosity provides big opportunities for our students to stretch their capabilities to uncover the possibilities in themselves and the world around them.

See the many ways your gift makes an impact by clicking hereBelow you will find a list of the schools’ donors whose support we are grateful to have. 

A Message from President Wight


These lists recognize donors who generously made cash gifts to The St. Paul’s Schools from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022. Contributions received after June 30 will appear in the 2022-23 impact report. We are grateful for the generosity of the St. Paul’s community and take pride in recognizing donors. Please contact Whitney Blair, donor relations manager, at should you notice an omission, misspelling, or other error within the lists below. 


Expenses $39 Million

Revenue $39 Million

Donor and Volunteer Events

Julie and Doug Reh P’21 ’24 ’26, Ebony Harley ’05, and Ereni Gleason Malfa ’89 P’29 gather for conversation during an appreciation event to recognize leadership donors and volunteers.

Lower School Parent Volunteers

Kristen Gordon P’31 ’33 ’36, Jamie Bandelin P’32 ’34 ’37, Christine Sawyer P’32 ’34, Molly Maguire Fahey ’98 P’31 ’33, and Julie Linz P’31 ’20 are celebrated during a spring 2022 volunteer appreciation event.

Parents and guardians gather for an interactive session on mindfulness sponsored by the Parents’ Association.

Guests celebrate during igNIGHT 2022, The St. Paul's Schools' campus-wide fundraising event and community gathering.

President Clark Wight P’25 and Heads of Schools Ereni Gleason Malfa '89 P’29, Edward M. Trusty Jr., and Bryan Powell gather for One St. Paul’s Day.

Pat Walsh speaking at the Leadership Donor Event

SP Middle School Head Pat Walsh P’36 shares his gratitude to donors and his experience as an employee and parent on campus during an appreciation event celebrating leadership donors and volunteers.

Robert and Tammira Lucas P’28 and Marcus Glover P’34 ’30 gather during igNIGHT 2022.

Bill Chambers ’72 and Dawson Nash ’72 reminisce during a loyalty appreciation brunch.

John Porter P’25 ’27 and Jen and Jay James P ’24 ’28 celebrate community during igNIGHT 2022.

Welby Loane P’81 and Charley Mitchell ’73 P’10 reunite during an event celebrating the school leadership donors.