Forward and Fearless

At St. Paul’s School for Girls, we seek to prepare our students to be the fearless innovators of tomorrow.

Forward and Fearless: The Campaign for SPSG is a bold initiative aimed at raising $5 million to fund the extensive rebuild and expansion of the SPSG building. This project will span 25,000 square feet and represents the most significant capital undertaking at SPSG in two decades. The new space will facilitate multidisciplinary projects that foster cross-curricular connections, equipping students with the skills they need to shape a better future.  

By bringing together alumni, parents, and friends of The St. Paul’s Schools, this campaign aims to inspire a collective effort towards realizing this vision. With your support, we can create an environment that empowers students to be forward-thinking and fearless in their pursuit of academic excellence.

To learn more about the Forward and Fearless campaign, please contact Steve Stenersen, executive director of advancement, at or 410-821-3045.

Space That Inspires

A future-focused education requires dynamic spaces that integrate technology, invite collaboration, and activate hands-on learning. It’s time to make this transformative investment in our students and our school.  

This project will significantly elevate the image and programs of our unified schools, providing another state-of-the-art facility for interdisciplinary learning. Our vision is to make science and technology visible, tangible, and relatable so that they become as natural to our students as reading and writing.



It is experiential.

Future-focused learning involves active, hands-on, student-directed experiences that are not only more effective than passive, lecture-based instruction but also build a student’s sense of independence and investment in their own growth.


It is collaborative.

Project-based learning involves collaboration and teamwork, which help students build social, communication, and problem-solving skills as well as increasing their confidence in themselves and connections with one another.


It is relevant.

Twenty-first century programs explore real-world phenomena and challenges, which can help students immediately see the practical relevance and application of what they are learning, thereby boosting their motivation and engagement.

These are the conditions in which students thrive and future graduates flourish. These are the conditions in which students can best grow into conscientious individuals, self-directed leaders, confident communicators, innovative thinkers, and—above all—healthy risk takers. 

Building for the Future

St. Paul’s School for Girls
Proposed Building Expansion
Floor Plan

This 25,000 square-foot capital project will transform our existing administrative offices into large, open, flexible spaces for the sciences and their counterparts, from technology to graphic arts to wellness. Expansive corridors will become pathways to collaboration, exploration, and whatever future each student chooses to envision. The project will include:

     Eight new labs for biology, chemistry, physics, and makerspaces
     A dedicated suite for our pioneering Real World Experiences program
     Multipurpose spaces for wellness, including a yoga studio.
     Enhanced and expanded outdoor spaces
     “Bump spaces”—informal spaces for socialization

Join Us

This campaign is about opportunity. Our success in this endeavor will make an important statement about the opportunities we create for our students. This will be a significant transformation for our youngest students, who will not only see and be inspired by these changes but who will also directly benefit from them as they rise through their St. Paul’s experience. It will be a meaningful signal to families who have both boys and girls that we are equally committed to their children’s growth and development. It will be an investment that impacts future generations of students — a legacy we leave at The St. Paul’s Schools for our children and grandchildren. 

This effort will propel us all forward. With joy and gratitude, we invite you to join us. 
To learn more about the Forward and Fearless campaign, please contact Steve Stenersen, executive director of advancement, at or 410-821-3045.

Donor Profile

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