Prayers and Chapel


Each morning, the school gathers together to begin the day. The tradition dates to SPSG’s founding and is often equal parts reflection, announcements, and cheer rally. Prayers are recited, but developing voice is a focus. Senior speeches; news of a student abroad; personal talks by guest speakers, often faculty and alumnae; or lectures on topics from finance to service learning are frequently on the agenda.  

Prayers begins at 7:55 a.m. in the Performance Gym. Everyone – head of school, administrators, faculty, students, staff – attends this 20-minute morning assembly. Three mornings a week, special programs are presented. A 12th grader gives her senior speech. An alumna shares her experiences in the working world. A teacher shares a story with the student body. A guest tells of her volunteer work after accepting an award. Announcements – scores of games, meeting dates and times, college acceptances, special honors – are shared. Every other week, middle school students have their own Prayers highlighting topics of interest to younger girls. 

Prayers is one of the most cherished SPSG traditions. When alumnae return to school, they always ask about Prayers, and they are always happy to hear that the tradition remains intact and that students enjoy Prayers as much today as they did when they were SPSG students. 


Our community gathers for Chapel every Tuesday morning. This time, set apart each week, offers sacred space to pause, pray, center ourselves and reflect on what it means to be children of God for ourselves and in relationship to each other and the world. Although our Chapel is organized by our Chaplain, who often preaches, students participate as readers, singers, dancers, instrumentalists, and homilists. Chapel strives to make the work and message of God relevant and timely to the needs of our community and the world. 

While closely associated with Old St. Paul's Church and the Episcopal tradition, SPSG recognizes the multicultural backgrounds of its students and is supportive of all religions. Chapel focuses on the spiritual with words, prayers, and music that celebrate God, but is respectful of the rich diversity within the SPSG community.