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Therapy Costs $10.99 a Month
Marta Karpovich

No rationale. No analysis. No solution. Music takes us as we are and allows a deeper understanding of our emotional experiences — without all the burning questions. 



A New Era of Book Banning
Marta Karpovich

Book bans have become a matter of politicized opinion and bi-partisan views, limiting students’ exposure to the broader world. Is censorship imposed for the greater good or to suppress unsavory opinions? 

"All About Love: New Visions"
Marta Karpovich

Do we know how to love? Bell Hooks explains our misguided approach to loving in the 21st century. 



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FEATURE: Beating Infinity
Author: Souji Godson Miyake ’27 | Assistant Editor: James Leyba ’24 | Editor in Chief: Natalie Kim ’24

The digital game Tetris was built on infinite possibilities with no true ending. Released in 1984, no one has ever been able to conquer the saturated, fast-moving blocks. That was until January 2nd, 2024, when a 13-year-old player Willis Gibson, who goes by the name of “Blue Scuti,” finally did.

The battle of Man versus Machine has existed for ages; legendary tales like John Henry against the Steam Machine have been immortalized in history books. But most of these feats have never been filmed, and therefore never truly received the recognition they deserved. In our modern world ruled by high-speed technology, a game crashing before a human tires is virtually unheard of. Blue Scuti was the first to fully champion this idea.

There have also been similar cases, where competitive Pacman player Billy Mitchell had finally beat the iconic game at the high score of 3,333,360 points. Although impressive, Billy Mitchell’s fame was rather short-lived. Mitchell had been crowned the “Video Game Player of the Century” by the Godfather of Videogames, Masaya Nakamura, but his fame declined soon after due to him gaining large sums of money, and some controversy regarding the legitimacy of his record.

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