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An Ode to the NARPs
Marta Karpovich

NARP: Non-Athletic Regular Person. 

That’s me…


Therapy Costs $10.99 a Month
Marta Karpovich

No rationale. No analysis. No solution. Music takes us as we are and allows a deeper understanding of our emotional experiences — without all the burning questions. 



Words Saved Me
Marta Karpovich

Words have never come easy to me. Until I picked up a pen. 

A New Era of Book Banning
Marta Karpovich

Book bans have become a matter of politicized opinion and bi-partisan views, limiting students’ exposure to the broader world. Is censorship imposed for the greater good or to suppress unsavory opinions? 

"All About Love: New Visions"
Marta Karpovich

Do we know how to love? Bell Hooks explains our misguided approach to loving in the 21st century. 



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FEATURE: The Eclipse: Just Keep on Looking
Author: Marta Karpovich ’25 | Assistant Editor: Grace Yurko ’25 | Editor in Chief: Anousha Joseph ’25

Science is a series of observations that one must continuously reconcile with pre-existing knowledge. Amateur and hobbyist astronomers spend their lives chasing observations and sorting them into extensive lists. These albums of 400 or 500 observations of the natural world are used in competition with each other — whoever has seen the most things more accurately than anyone else wins.  

One such observation is the solar eclipse, which happens once every 18 months or so, though not in the same place on earth. While an eclipse is witnessed in Africa, North Americans may not be able to experience this solar phenomenon for another 300 or 400 years. There are plenty of scientific explanations for this, the simplest being that the alignment of the sun, the moon and the earth is just right in different locations around the globe every year and a half, causing the moon to completely block the sun from the earth’s view. However, the eclipse still takes everything we know about the universe and flips it on its head for four or five minutes while the light in our little corner of the earth disappears. The sun is 865,000 miles in diameter, while the moon’s diameter measures 2,160 miles. The earth is somewhere in between, with a diameter of about 7,918 miles. While a multitude of theorems and calculations account for such a strange phenomenon, it ultimately tells a story of the underdog eclipsing the big guy for just a few moments, questioning the basic reality we had previously accepted.

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