Hall of Fame


The mission of the Hall of Fame is to pay tribute to those alumnae, coaches, faculty and staff of St. Paul's School for Girls who have exemplified sportsmanship, superior skill, personal commitment and excellence in the field of athletics during and/or after their time at the school.

Athletic Hall of Fame
Current Members

William “Lynnie” Cook
Edie Pieper Bidwell ’65
Joan Muller Peterson ’65
Carolyn “Lyn” Brooks ’66
Mary Colt Creighton Navins ’68
Gillian Christie ’69
Joey Hill Peace ‘69 (posthumously) †
Lynn Callahan Casey ’70
Joan “Jill” Creighton McNamara ’70
Holly Hooper Leachman ’71
Nancy E. Gross ’73
Karen Shackelford Moore ’74
Dauphne Penelope “Penny” di Brandi ’76 (posthumously) †
Traci K. Davis ’78
Mary Sadler Dohony ’78
Diane C. Whiteley ’79
Dr. Margaret L. Olmedo ’80
Lindsay Sheehan Bradley ’81
Jaleh M. Hagigh ’81
Sandi Stevens Corbo ’85
Stacy Hermann Austensen ’87
Heather Geiger Bailey ’87 †
Joy Koch McPeters ’87
Amy H. Ward ’87
Jennifer Blenckstone Boyce ’88
Kelly Cowan Colhoun ’89
Dr. Hollie Burdt Ellis ’89
Jessica DiCicco Ferrill ’89
Jill St. Clair Ambrose ’92
Tricia Burdt Abbott ’93
Liz Low Harlan ’93
Jennifer Collins ’95
Sheila Tice Burke Pell ’95
Tehma Hallie S. Smith ’96
Mills Hook Dancy ’97
Samantha Murray ’97
Sara N. Oglesby ’97
Jennifer Landsman Erdman ’00
Margaret Spies Freeman ’01
Allison Schindler D’Anjou ’02
Danica Strutt MacMullan ’02
Kristin Connelly ’03
Megan DelMonte McKenzie ’05
Jen Forbes ’07
Iliana Sanza ’09
Bailey Webster ’09

Florence “Flo” Bell (coach) †
Suzie Friedrich (Coach)
Ophelia “Ophie” Hollingshead (coach)
Annie Smallwood Morse ’95 (coach)
Caroline “Carol” Ober (coach) †
Lori Song (coach)

1966 Lacrosse Team
1981 Varsity Lacrosse Team
1989 Varsity Lacrosse Team
1972 Varsity Field Hockey Team
1991-1992 Varsity Soccer Team
1996 Varsity Field Hockey Team
2008-2009 Varsity Basketball Team