Learning Services


SPSG celebrates and honors the unique talents and gifts of each of our students. Our high standards and robust academic program equip all of our students with the skills to be innovative thinkers, lifelong learners, and confident communicators. The roadmap to excellence is not the same for each girl. Thus, our outstanding Learning Services Department is a resource for the entire SPSG community, integral to SPSG’s mission, and a signature program of our school. 

Both the middle and upper schools employ full-time learning specialists. These experienced professionals are skilled in providing assistance to students and collaborating with teachers to ensure each student’s success. This support may range from a brief consultation with the student or teacher to the establishment of a Formal Education Plan based on current psychoeducational testing to address strengths, challenges, and accommodations. Specific assistance is determined on an individual basis after collaboration with parents and teachers. At SPSG, academic teachers embrace students with diverse learning styles and plan lessons that reach different learners. 

Our goal is always to provide each student with the support that she needs, while encouraging and challenging her to explore and embrace her own strengths, thoughts, and dreams for her future. 

Learning Services Team

Middle School

Kelly Vollmer
Middle School Learning Specialist

Upper School

Amy Hassan
Learning Services Department Chair
Upper School Learning Specialist

Marlena Myers
Upper School Learning Specialist