College Counseling

college counseling

In keeping with the mission of St. Paul’s School for Girls, the Office of College Counseling believes that the minds and hearts of our girls should be fully engaged in the college process. We empower our students to choose colleges and universities that fit their unique abilities, aspirations, interests, and character. We counsel our students toward schools that will build on the foundation of learning, leadership, and self-exploration the student has developed in high school.

We believe that the college application process can be a gratifying and rewarding time, so our goal is always to provide each student with the support that she needs, while encouraging and challenging her to explore and embrace her own strengths, thoughts, and dreams for her future.

Class of 2023

Our 77 seniors were accepted into 146 different colleges and universities, and they will be attending 55 institutions in 20 states and DC. The class of 2023 includes 15 members of The Cum Laude Society and 14 SPIRITUS Scholars. Seventy-five percent of the graduates completed Advanced Placement courses. Collectively, our seniors contributed an impactful 5,487 hours of service. 

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