Portrait of a Graduate

At St. Paul’s School for Girls, we believe that learning should be future-focused. By the time our students leave us, they know their own strengths and abilities. They know how to take initiative. They have a healthy respect for the abilities and the perspectives of others. They are compassionate and empathetic young people. They are globally aware and understand and respect other cultures. Most of all, they become young women of deep integrity, appreciative of the gifts they have been given and committed to using their talents for the good of the world.




A leader with global perspective

who serves others and contributes to the betterment of her society.

A lifelong learner

who demonstrates intellectual curiosity and a passion for new ideas.

A healthy risk-taker

who embraces challenges, demonstrates initiative, and is resourceful and resilient.

A joyful woman

who holds work and responsibility in balance with time for physical fitness, spiritual growth, personal interests, and friends and family.

A conscientious community member

who demonstrates empathy and integrity, respects every individual as a child of God, and acts as a steward of the earth’s resources.

A confident communicator

who is always prepared to engage in thoughtful dialogue, who brings groups together to solve problems, and inspire positive action.

An innovative thinker

with the skills and knowledge to ask compelling questions, seek multiple perspectives, and create original work.