There are many independent schools. Few, if any, are like St. Paul’s School for Girls. In an environment of absolute love and support, founded on principles of inclusion and compassion, we cultivate a bold and courageous community of unique girls. By combining a total focus on the individual student with total support for our entire community of students, our young women are energized and empowered to explore their boundaries, and live beyond them. As part of a team of sisters, our girls are inspired intellectually and ethically to contribute greatly to the world. Every day they must make small decisions that prepare them to make bigger decisions later in their lives. From physics to philosophy and from medicine to management—wherever the focus of their lives takes them—they will be grounded in their beliefs and confident in their abilities to become the steadfast leaders the world relies on.

Three girls smiling, sitting on a bench outside

At SPSG, we develop incredible young women.