Covid-19 Information

Resources for The St. Paul's Schools Community

The St. Paul's Schools is monitoring the global Covid-19 situation and planning for a variety of possible scenarios. The purpose of this page is to share what we know, how we are making decisions, and any updates we have for the community.

Nothing is more important to us than protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. We are grateful for your partnership and will continue monitoring this situation and providing updates as necessary.

If you have a question related to coronavirus and The St. Paul’s Schools or would like to report a potential exposure or information about someone in your household who is being tested for the virus, you may send an email to Please know that all personal health information will be kept confidential, although information may be shared with the public health officials who are working to protect our community.

read our latest communication to our community here.


COVID-19 Emergency Relief

Responding to Illness Guidance

Covid-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Dashboard

Daily Health Screenings & Magnus

To confirm that a student is healthy enough to come to school, we expect each family to take a student’s temperature and complete a series of health-screening questions each morning through the Magnus app. Parents will need to download the latest Magnus Health application (Magnus Mobile v2) to their smartphone via the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Starting on August 31, you will have access to begin completing the Magnus Health Daily Screening for your student(s) via the button titled “Covid-19.”
Please complete the survey the day of your child's on-campus orientation next week. You will answer four questions for your child(ren). Upon completing the quick survey, you will receive a message indicating the student’s attendance instruction for that day.

Alternate text

All parents must submit the screening no later than 7:30 a.m. each day that your child is to physically be on campus. Timely submission of health information is vital so that preparations can be made prior to the start of each school day. Please reserve 1 to 2 minutes per child to complete the questionnaire each morning.

Questions or Problems? For any school policy or attendance questions, please contact our school offices. For any technical issues with the mobile app or problems completing the screening, please contact customer support at Magnus Health SMR by phone at 877-461-6831 or by email at

Thank you for your continued partnership as we work to keep our campus safe and healthy for everyone.

Campus Information

The St. Paul's Schools takes very seriously our responsibility to keep our community safe. Most of our campus buildings are currently closed.

Thank you for working with us to maintain a healthy community.

Community Pledge

As we begin bringing students back onto campus amid the continuing pandemic, the partnership between home and school is more important than ever. Whether it is completing a daily health screening (instructions below) or abiding by public health guidelines, we trust that all of our students, families, faculty, and staff will commit to our community standards to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and keep our campus open.

To help reduce the risk of Covid-19 exposure at The St. Paul’s Schools, we expect all students, families, faculty, and staff to:

  • Avoid hosting or attending large gatherings, events, and other high-risk activities where proper social distancing and mask wearing are not practiced.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel. Any student, faculty, or staff member returning from out-of-state travel to states that have a Covid-19 lab test percent positive rate of more than 10% per the CDC, or whose household member has traveled to such an area, is required to follow Maryland guidelines for testing and self-quarantining and to notify the school nurse.
  • Wear masks in accordance with state and local guidelines.
  • Practice and reinforce hygiene measures at home.
  • Stay home at the first sign of any illness.

Students or faculty/staff who engage in high-risk behavior should switch to remote learning and remain home for 14 days. In some circumstances, the schools may require proof of a negative Covid test result before returning to campus.

Covid and School Opening Correspondence


Covid-Related News

Lunch Packing Tips

As our youngest learners begin to return to campus, here are some helpful tips for packing lunches:

The St. Paul's Schools Donate PPE to The Johns Hopkins Hospital

At The St. Paul's Schools, we have been brainstorming ways to help our first responders, who are serving our community so courageously through this pandemic. As our health suites are not currently in use, we determined we had supplies we could spare.