Infants and Toddlers

In the early years of development, establishing routines, creating a responsive environment, and providing consistent loving relationships are essential elements to building a program where young children feel safe to grow and explore. At St. Paul's Preschool, we ensure that every child is surrounded by care, safety, stimulation, enrichment, and love. We encourage your child to explore independently, as well as interacting with his or her peers and educators.

Program for Infants

The infant program at St. Paul's Preschool believes that children, no matter their age, should be respected as individuals. Each child is loved, and their development is nurtured as they reach out to learn about the world around them. Developing a sense of safety and security within your environment is key to the risk-taking that is required to explore. Not only are we concerned about the safety and security that the child feels, but that the family also feels secure. When you feel connected, secure, and confident, your child will too.

Program for Toddlers

Toddlers at St. Paul's Preschool are full of wonderment and inquiry and are encouraged to explore and experience their environment within the safety of their own space. Toddlers are learning to communicate and negotiate with the world and the limits of their own bodies, so our teachers provide lots of love, understanding, and support. The children follow a flexible daily schedule that includes circle time, art, sensory experiences, story time, and outdoor play. Additionally, our toddlers get to experience specialized music, and gymnastics classes weekly.

Our program for two year-olds provides a secure classroom environment that is nurturing, safe, and happy. Children at this age thrive on consistency, especially with daily routines and caregivers. Our curriculum emphasizes the growth and development of emotional, physical, social, and cognitive skills. We stimulate, guide, and encourage children with carefully planned activities that allow each child to progress at his or her own rate.

We know that children learn about the world through play while developing social skills, language skills, and personal interests. Socially these children are moving away from parallel play and beginning group play. Teachers are available to encourage socialization through sharing and taking turns, taking care of materials, leading and following, and showing empathy.

The curriculum for our three-year-olds is based on the educational theory that children learn most effectively through a concrete, play-oriented approach to early childhood education. Our program offers a warm, supportive environment that fosters social development and growing independence, while also nurturing early literacy and foundational math skills.

The curriculum allows children to explore many different subject areas at their own pace. Creativity is encouraged with the emphasis on the process of creating rather, than the end result. Our children have the opportunity to experience different learning materials and enjoy the thrill of being proud of what they do.

Through a flexible schedule that allows for circle time, large and small group activities, and lots of outside time, children experience school in a fun and playful environment. Our children receive lessons in letter recognition and phonemic awareness, letter formation and pencil grip, number and quantity recognition, science, world cultures, religion, art, creative movement, music, and much more.