Chaplain Message

As an Episcopal school, we believe that every child is a child of God, and we see the sacred in the other and in the world around us. All that is sacred is holy, and therefore we teach and set examples by treating all of God’s creation with a compassionate and loving heart. We are reminded to live this way each week in our Chapel services. Members of the community have time in their schedules to gather by division in order to listen, sing, and reflect on God’s word, and to understand how it applies to life at St. Paul’s and in the world beyond our campus.

Students are challenged academically in our religious studies program. The classroom provides an opportunity for students to study and learn about the Judeo-Christian traditions in a deep, comparative way while developing an appreciation for other world religions.

Community outreach and service learning are a central components of our identity. We strive to view the world through a lens that includes truth, responsibility, inclusivity, virtue, and integrity.

The Episcopal tradition is central to who we are as a school community and helps to define each member’s role in the global community and throughout his or her life.

Many blessings and God’s Peace,

The Reverend Daniel Meck 
Head Chaplain & Director of Spiritual Life 
The St. Paul's Schools