Why Lower School

Young children look at the world with wonder. They are blessed with a joyful, natural curiosity that marks their early years as the most vital point in their development—when they begin to form the foundations for a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

During this important time, children are eager to learn, and at St. Paul’s, we know they learn best through adventure. We commit ourselves to matching the brilliant energy and enthusiasm of our girls and boys with immersive, creative opportunities that reward their intrinsic desire for new experiences.

We embrace and celebrate our students’ profound sense of wonder, and channel it to help each of them realize their individual potential. We nurture and encourage them every day as they discover their world—and themselves too.

It’s never too early to begin adventuring, and the adventure starts here.





The St. Paul’s Schools offers something unique. Our community provides coeducational and single-gender opportunities to cultivate student growth and academic achievement. From cradle to college, we empower boys and girls of all ages to learn in the ways that suit them best. St. Paul's Pre and Lower School offers a coed program for infants through fourth grade. St. Paul's School for Girls offers all-girls middle and upper schools (grades 5–12). St. Paul's School for Boys offers all-boys middle and upper schools (grades 5–12).