Student Services

Student Services 

Student Services available at St. Paul’s Lower School include a variety of academic and social-emotional supports. We celebrate all learners and consistently align with our mission to provide opportunities for all students to achieve their personal excellence. In the lower school, we offer a variety of learning services, academic support, small group instruction, and counseling. Through collaboration with teachers and families, the lower school Counselor, Director of Student Support, Reading Specialist, Math Specialist, and School Psychologist strive to achieve an in-depth understanding of students’ learning strengths and needs in order to help them reach success both inside and outside the classroom.   


Social-Emotional development is an essential component of everyday learning in the lower school classrooms. On a daily basis, teachers use in the moment experiences to practice healthy coping skills and teach positive social relationships. In addition, our lower school counselor provides regular classroom lessons to develop emotional regulation skills, strengthen interpersonal skills, and promote healthy character development. The counselor meets with students one on one or in a small group setting to provide additional support as needed.  

Character development is a central focus of learning in all divisions. In the lower school, we focus on the core values of being kind, inclusive, respectful, honest, and hard-working. Teacher and counselor-led lessons, morning meetings, chapel services, assemblies, and in-school service-learning activities provide opportunities for meaningful discussions about good character and put these core values into play.     

Mindfulness, yoga and other movement activities are an integral part of each day at in the lower school. These practices have been shown to be effective in improving emotional regulation skills, increasing focus, reducing stress, and driving social connectedness. Opportunities to practice mindfulness and movement activities are provided throughout the day in the classroom through frequent “brain breaks.” Additionally, students may do yoga during physical education class or participate in mindfulness activities or guided meditations led by the counselor.     

Learning Support  

Learning Specialists provide a variety of supports and resources, through individual and small group instruction, designed to meet the needs of all learners. These experienced professionals are skilled in providing support to students and collaborating with teachers to ensure each student’s success. When needed, the Director of Student Support, in consultation with the School Psychologist, creates a Learning Support Plan based on current psychoeducational testing to address strengths, areas of growth, and accommodations.   

Lower School Student Support Team 


Susan Faint
Director of Student Support and Learning Services


Deb Heacock
School Counselor


Margaret Schlossberg
School Psychologist


Mandi Muth
Reading Specialist


Madeline Goins
Math Specialist

Rachel Draper
Reading Specialist


Lower school head and assistant head serve as part of Student Support Team as needed.