Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

At St. Paul’s Pre and Lower School, learning is an adventure.
A bond of trust gives us confidence to set forth and explore.
Each path is unique, each task a chance to discover our powers.
Yet we are never alone. We are in this journey together—
To make the world better, for ourselves and for each other.



We believe every member of the community is essential to our school. We are all learners who strive to deepen our knowledge and to share what we have learned with others. We extend ourselves to encourage and support each other in a warm, caring environment. We believe the goals of education are to sharpen the mind, strengthen the spirit, and challenge the body. We inspire and educate so that students can achieve their best in academic, artistic, athletic, and extracurricular endeavors. We teach students to question, consider, test, evaluate, and then question again, as we lead them to be natural problem solvers who will embrace lives of learning. Above all, we believe that education is an adventure and that students should be empowered and supported to explore the world around them.