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FEATURE: Collection of Poems
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Poetry Month, inspired by the national recognitions of Black History Month and Woman's History Month, was established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. Celebrating one of the most popular forms of literature, the month serves to garner growth in poetry readership while also celebrating existing poets and contributors year-round. Poetry Month stands as a lasting and fruitful effort to boaster acknowledge poetry's important role in society.

SPORTS: Damar Hamlin: The Beat Goes On
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Buffalo Bills’ safety, Damar Hamlin, is lucky to be alive. He suffered a cardiac arrest after he tackled a Cincinnati Bengals football player, Tee Higgins, on January 2, 2023. At the start of the play, Higgins caught a pass from Joe Burrow, the quarterback, from near the 50-yard line. Higgins ran downfield holding the football and leading with his right shoulder, he collided with Hamlin. As the two collided, Higgins’ right shoulder hit Hamlin in his chest.

FEATURE: Protests and Garbage Piles: St. Paul’s Students Visit France Amidst Turmoil  
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The St. Paul’s Schools French exchange trip departed from Dulles International Airport on March 8th and returned on March 18th. Our trip, which flew into and out of Charles de Gaulle Airport with an accompanying train ticket to Marseille, entailed five days in Marseille with host families, then a train back to Paris, where we spent the rest of the time touring the capital and lodging in a hotel. Our exchange trip would, however, be put in jeopardy by the political unrest in France, caused by a proposed law that would increase the age of retirement.

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At St. Paul’s, there are two high schools: SP and SPSG. While these two schools share a campus, they are separate, and each offers a wide variety of courses. Over 100 total classes are available at the two high schools, with variety in curriculum and content. However, these may not be enough.

OPINION: Animal Cruelty: Have you ever seen a symbol that looks like this and wondered what it was for?  
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Symbols such as these are put on products that aren’t tested on animals. The most common animals that are tested on for these products are baboons, cats, cows, dogs, ferrets, fish, frogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses, llamas, mice, monkeys (such as marmosets and macaques), owls, pigs, quail, rabbits, rats, and sheep.  It is estimated that 26 million animals are used every year in the United States for scientific and commercial testing.

Girl standing on books looking at her computer and carrying a big disease molecule in her backpack that is weighing her down
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Academic performance is the measure of a student’s achievement across various academic subjects. This includes the level of knowledge and skill that a student achieves. Academic performance can be measured by GPAs, college entrance exams, graduation rates, and standardized tests.

An instructor and group of students on bikes for the Kinetic Sculpture Race
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For some, the journey toward physical fitness can seem more difficult than defying the laws of science.  For St. Paul’s physics instructor Dr. Stephen Hulbert, necessity and extrinsic reward were enough to propel him toward his own fitness journey.   In August of 2022, the garage in the basement of the Kinsolving Gym became available.  One of Dr. Hulbert’s educational passions is working with a group of students to build and submit a school entry for the Kinetic Sculpture Race, and the gym basement seemed perfect for the task.

A blue and white edited photo of Taylor Swift, representing her new album Midnights, is in the foreground, while other photos
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Do not fear if you were unable to grab tickets for Taylor Swift’s infamous Eras Tour in November that broke the internet. Despite tears streaming down your face for an hour or thirteen, you can still entertain yourself with reruns of her performances on YouTube. Below is a list below with the perfect album to blare in your room for each season.