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An Ode to the NARPs
Marta Karpovich

NARP: Non-Athletic Regular Person. 

That’s me…


Therapy Costs $10.99 a Month
Marta Karpovich

No rationale. No analysis. No solution. Music takes us as we are and allows a deeper understanding of our emotional experiences — without all the burning questions. 



Words Saved Me
Marta Karpovich

Words have never come easy to me. Until I picked up a pen. 

A New Era of Book Banning
Marta Karpovich

Book bans have become a matter of politicized opinion and bi-partisan views, limiting students’ exposure to the broader world. Is censorship imposed for the greater good or to suppress unsavory opinions? 

"All About Love: New Visions"
Marta Karpovich

Do we know how to love? Bell Hooks explains our misguided approach to loving in the 21st century. 



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