Parents Association

The exceptional educational experience that we provide at The St. Paul’s Schools is only possible when our faculty, students and parents go above and beyond. All parents and guardians whose children attend The St. Paul’s Schools are members of the Parents Association and are encouraged to play a role in supporting the school.  

We have a strong community tradition of giving back at St. Paul’s, and we hope that you will consider sharing your time and talent with the PA to enrich our students’ experiences. Whether you have an hour to spare or lots of time, we can find a volunteer opportunity that is right for you and will directly benefit our students. We welcome your participation and thank you in advance for helping to strengthen our St. Paul’s community.  

Learn more about the Parents Association by joining the PA Facebook Group, volunteering, or attending an event!  

Gretchen Carroll P '20 '26, President 


This resource is for members of the PA.
Please email Erin Hamilton for access. 

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