Counseling Resources

The St. Paul’s Schools offers a comprehensive counseling program to help ensure that each student gets the most out of their experience. Five divisional student support teams — made up of the division head, a counselor, learning specialist(s), and a dean — support the social and emotional needs of our students.  

The lower school and both middle and upper schools each have a dedicated, full-time counselor on staff. Our counselors provide developmentally appropriate programming, help coordinate the advisory programs and collaborate with parents, faculty/advisors, and outside providers for the benefit of each student. Our counselors offer both individual and small group counseling to help address issues such as depression and anxiety, interpersonal relationships, drug and alcohol use, and home-life issues, and can make referrals for routine or longer-term care. Along with relevant faculty, the counselors provide educational opportunities for parents and families, offering guest speakers, community forums, book discussions, skills training, and other opportunities for learning and community networking. 

Frequently Asked Questions: