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Soccer - Varsity SP

8 MIAA or MSA Championships


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Training Philosophy

30 for YOU (Individual player)

90 for US (Team)

The 10,000 hour rule states that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything. Playing the drums, a foreign language, and acquiring skill and touch on a soccer field. As a kid, my club team spent the entire first hour of practice on individual skill work together as one club U8-U18. St. Paul’s emulates this philosophy on a smaller scale as both JV and Varsity will devote the first half-hour of every practice to skill and possession before breaking off into team-oriented drills and tactics. By the end of the season and after four years in the program, every player will attain mastery of individual ball skills and feel comfortable in small-sided possession.

Individual Training Resource: 100 Individual Soccer Training Drills

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