More than 3,600 current alumni claim St. Paul’s School for Boys as their alma mater, representing a robust network of connections to our school and each other.

This network is facilitated by the Alumni Board, the governing body of the Alumni Association, and others.

Our alumni play a vital role throughout the year in St. Paul’s traditions, such as the Brooklandwood Bash and Blue-Gold Reunion Weekend, and the Crusader Network, our professional mentoring/networking program for young alumni and graduating seniors. 

The Alumni Association and the Alumni Relations Office provide opportunities for alumni to connect with each other and support the school in numerous ways, on campus and off. We hope you’ll join us for a local alumni event or one in your city when we visit. 

Key Contact Information

Charley Mitchell '73

Director of Alumni Relations

Erin Hamilton

Advancement Operations Manager

Eben eck '84, P'21, P'23 P'30

Alumni Board President