Global opportunities at St. Paul’s School School for Boys support our mission to “Seek truth, knowledge, and excellence; live by faith, compassion, and integrity.” Providing our students with opportunities to travel and experience cultures different than their own enables St. Paul’s students to further develop empathy and compassion while gaining knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

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Japanese Exchanges

Rikkyo School in Niiza, Japan


Rikkyo Senior High School is located in Niiza, Japan, just northwest of Tokyo. Founded as an Episcopal School and located just outside of Tokyo in the city of Niiza, Rikkyo Senior High School is also known in Japan as St. Paul’s School School for Boys. Students in our Japanese language program have the opportunity to experience life as a student in Japan for three weeks in June of odd years (2019, 2021, etc.). 

Gakushuin School in Tokyo, Japan


St. Paul’s and Gakushuin School in Tokyo, Japan, have enjoyed a long-standing relationship of more than 30 years. Drawing on a history and traditions which date back to the establishment of the first Gakushuin School in 1847 in Kyoto, Gakushuin today is a private educational institution that provides an integrated educational program. Each year St. Paul’s School for Boys welcomes a student from Gakushuin to study for the entirety of the school year. In exchange, a St. Paul’s student has the opportunity to travel to Tokyo to experience life as a student in Japan for the fourth quarter.

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Germany Exchanges

Pascal Gymnasium in Munster, Germany


A sister school to St. Paul’s for many years, Pascal Gymnasium in Munster, Germany, provides our German language students with the opportunity to experience life as a student in Germany. Available in June of odd years (i.e. 2019, 2021, etc.), students travel with our German language teachers for an approximate three-week stay in the beautiful city of Munster. Our students are able to practice their language skills both in Germany and as hosts when the German students come to St. Paul’s in April of those same odd years.

Bertha Von Suttner in Berlin, Germany


In a relationship forged through alumni connections, St. Paul’s and Bertha Von Suttner in Berlin, Germany, work together to provide an opportunity for one student from each school to participate in an exchange every other year. A St. Paul’s student is offered the opportunity to study in Berlin at BVS during the third quarter of odd years (2019, 2021, etc.).  In exchange, a BVS student is invited to spend the first semester of odd years (2017, 2019, etc.) here at St. Paul’s.

Spanish Exchanges

Escola de Sitges in Pia de Sitges, Spain


Located on the eastern coastal region of Spain, Escola de Sitges offers our Spanish students the opportunity to discover life as a student in Spain while experiencing the seaside culture of Sitges. This exchange opportunity is available to St. Paul’s students in the Spanish Language Program in June of even years (2020, 2022, etc.). Escola de Sitges is a private school with more than 80 years of history and service to their community. 

St. George’s School in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Students in Spanish classes at St. Paul's have the opportunity each year to apply for the exchange opportunity to St. George's College in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This one-on-one exchange allows our students to put their Spanish skills into practice by hosting a St. George's student in February and then traveling to St. George's to live and attend school for the month of June. St. George’s College is a private, non-profit, bilingual, coeducational learning institution with a long tradition in providing a well-rounded and demanding education. It delivers an international curriculum of high standards, which seeks to develop strong ethical values and integrity in order to allow its students to become useful and successful citizens.


Student Global Leadership Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii

In July of each year, three students and one faculty member are invited to participate in SGLI, the Student Global Leadership Institute at the Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. By invitation only, this institute has quickly become a sought-after conference with a waitlist of schools wishing to participate. In July 2010, Punahou School launched and hosted the inaugural SGLI. The purpose of the Institute is to develop a community of international youth leaders who understand and are engaged in shared global challenges and who galvanize positive social change. The Institute explores leadership development characterized by creativity, a capacity for problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and multicultural perspectives.

IB Global Politics

Every other year, the IB Global Politics class takes what has been learned in the classroom and puts it to the test abroad. By participating in conferences outside the United States, the students are able to fully appreciate the differences in politics and policies of different countries. In the past, our students have participated in conferences in Peru, China, and South Africa. Further opportunities to explore include Italy, India, Russia, among others. On the years we do not travel abroad, the cohorts participate in the National High School Model UN Conference in New York City.

Southwest Trip

Every other June, St. Paul’s students are invited to spend 10 days hiking throughout the Southwest with a team of faculty from various disciplines. Students learn about the history, geology, and local culture of the places they visit, hike, and explore. Click here for a gallery of images.

Concert Chorale in Europe

The St. Paul's Concert Chorale, our school's premier choral ensemble, embarks on an international choir tour every two years, performing at many important and historic venues throughout Europe and beyond. Past tour destinations have included Spain, Morocco, Germany, Austria, Iceland, and the Czech Republic to name a few. The St. Paul's Concert Chorale has an international reputation for excellence and the tours have provided opportunities for important artistic and cultural outreach for our students.

Boys who audition into the St. Paul's Concert Chorale travel during spring break, rotating with our Athletics Department to enable participation in both important campus programs. While on tour, the choir performs daily, either in full concerts or smaller recitals, while also diving deep into their host cultures' rich history and artistic contributions through a variety of tours and other cultural explorations.

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Along with the global opportunities offered by St. Paul's School, our students have the option of participating in some trips hosted by St. Paul's School for Girls. Student Aiden Eck produced the following video about his recent trip to China with SPSG. 


Costa Rica: Sun and Service

Since 2017, St. Paul's School for Boys middle school has provided a unique service-learning opportunity in Costa Rica during spring break. The school has formed a strong partnership between St. Paul’s and Green Communities, an organization in Costa Rica committed to helping local coffee farmers save their land and livelihood by converting from chemical to sustainable farming. 

On this trip, students work with locals from the mountainous cloud forest to the blue waters of the Caribbean. Students see first-hand the impact they make in Costa Rica while engaging in rewarding leadership activities. They learn from locals about the best of Costa Rica – food, incredible wildlife, volcano sights, snorkeling, cloud forests, Caribbean waters, canopy touring and more. 

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“Best trip I have ever sent my son on! He grew so much as an individual from this experience and his confidence took off.  I would send him again if I could. …It was a wonderful, life-changing opportunity.”

Parent of a recent trip participant 

Explore the Science of Iceland

Science, history, and culture combine to make for an exciting new trip to Iceland for St. Paul's students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Hosted by WorldStrides, our students and faculty experience the culture of Iceland. While embarking on a journey around the famous Golden Circle, students discover the geology and science behind the geothermal activity while they step on either side of tectonic plates. En route, they learn about the whaling industry and Viking history, all while exploring the waterfalls and countryside of Iceland.  

Cargilfield ExchangE, Scotland

As part of a coordinated exchange with St. Paul’s School for Girls, sixth and seventh grade students are invited to apply for an opportunity to experience life in the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh. Cargilfield is a coeducational boarding school in the heart of Edinburgh for students in grades K–8. St. Paul’s students spend two weeks living life as a student at a quintessential UK boarding school. When not in class, students take field trips to visit places such as the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Parliament. Before traveling to Scotland, students host a Cargilfield student for two weeks in October and have the chance to share their own culture. 

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