The Experience+ Program at The St. Paul’s Schools 

Putting Concepts into Practice 

The Experience+ Program at The St. Paul’s Schools takes learning beyond the CORE curriculum

Through five distinct areas of excellence—Finance and Entrepreneurship, Career Exploration, Digital Content and Communications, Civic and Global Engagement, and Ethical Leadership—Experience+ enhances learning at all grade levels. Each area offers innovative coursework and relevant experiences that challenge students to learn by doing in real-world situations. By applying their knowledge in meaningful ways, St. Paul’s students gain a deeper understanding of their studies along with greater confidence and mastery.   

To prepare students for a future with jobs and technologies that have yet to be imagined, St. Paul's seeks to arm them with knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that are transferable across disciplines and situations. A forward-thinking curriculum with complementary co-curricular offerings helps prepare students for life beyond campus.

“Students crave opportunities for authentic experiences so they can actually practice what they are learning. When they can see firsthand why their classroom lessons matter, not only is learning more engaging but it sparks genuine excitement about the possibilities.” 

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Title: Director of Strategic Initiatives

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