College Counseling

The St. Paul’s School for Boys College Counseling Office seeks to support individual students and families throughout the college search and selection process. At St. Paul’s, the college selection process is a chance to celebrate the success of our students through an exciting, fun, character-building experience. We help our students make creative, honorable choices — the choices that are best for them.

To best support students, St. Paul’s College Counseling follows a unique model including full-time staff and faculty members who also teach. This allows for a highly individualized process, including the opportunity for students to pick their own college counselor. St. Paul's college counselors continue to develop their knowledge about individual colleges and issues affecting college admission through college visits, membership in professional associations, and participation at regional and national conferences. Recently, our Director of College Counseling served in the Presidential Cycle for the Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling (PCACAC), the over 1,000 member regional affiliate of NACAC that covers DE, MD, WV, VA, and DC.

Furthermore, to meet student and parent needs, the college counseling office is constantly evolving its offerings, which include individual advising, group meetings, and events. St. Paul’s was one of the first schools in the country to offer an Application Boot Camp beginning in August 2007. Technology also is an important tool in our effort to support students. For example, the College Counseling Office manages e-mail lists that include students and parents, facilitates a robust group page on the school’s Learning Management System, manages an active Facebook page (@StPaulsCollegeCounseling), and provides families with password protected access to a SCOIR account through which they may manage their college search.

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Class of 2023

Our 82 seniors received 340 acceptances at 153 different colleges and universities and will attend 59 schools in 24 states and Washington, D.C. The colleges range from as far away as Pepperdine University in California to as close as Towson University, from University of Vermont in the north to University of Miami in the south. Choices included technical colleges like Rochester Institute of Technology, art schools like Savannah College of Art and Design, liberal arts colleges like Haverford College, historically black colleges and universities (HBCU’s) like Delaware State and comprehensive universities like University of Maryland.  
St. Paul’s is excited to recognize 18 seniors who will be trailblazers at their college. A trailblazer is the first St. Paul’s graduate to attend a particular college in the last 5+ years. These graduates will attend 16 different institutions including Baylor University, University of the Holy Cross, Johnson and Wales, and St. John’s College.

College Counseling Offerings

Meet Our Team

Photo of Jake Talmage
JOhn E. Talmage

SP College Counseling Director

Bonnie Adachi

Assistant Director of College Counselor

Kelly Meck

Upper School Registrar College Counseling Coordinator

Sarah walker

Director for Global Programs and SP College Counselor


SP College Counselor

andrew borneman

Upper School English Teacher


Upper School Spanish Teacher