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Photo of a baby looking to the left.

It's time to drop off your little one at preschool or kindergarten. Right as you're ready to bid your farewell, out come the waterworks. Tears and tantrums are normal signs of preschool drop-off separation anxiety — but it can be tough for parents to handle. If your young kid is scared of being dropped off at school, these tips will help to ease their anxiety and smooth the goodbye process.


College counseling opens the door for students about to embark on a life-changing event — entering college or university. Many students may leave their hometown while others will stay. They'll face rigorous academic demands, meet new people, and continue their journey to self-discovery and career success.

What Is the Crusader Con Program?

The Crusader Con program is a capstone project that challenges each eighth-grade student at St. Paul's School for Boys MiddleSchool to become a skilled communicator and thought leader. Each student collaborates with his English and history teachers to choose an issue in the community that they find meaningful.