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Our newest issue of Spiritus-Columns, the magazine for The St. Paul’s Schools, has arrived! Did you know that St. Paul’s has a ropes course, bee hives, and a prayer labyrinth? The lead story, “Campus as Classroom,” showcases the many ways our faculty and students use the schools’ 120-acre, wooded campus as a classroom and living laboratory.

This edition also spotlights some exciting new programs—from a popular sports broadcasting club now in its second year to a middle school budgeting club that is making real decisions on how to spend school funds. Learn how our upper school students are using their ingenuity to tackle global problems (think: reducing food waste) and hear from middle schoolers, in their own words, about the new perspectives they gained from school trips. Finally, two alumnae share why they were inspired to return to campus to co-teach in a preschool classroom. Happy reading!

SPSG Class Notes

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