Tips on Affording Private Education

Thousands of parents pay for private education for their children each year. However, there is a myth that surrounds private education: only wealthy parents can afford it. In reality, many parents who enroll their kids in private schools are not millionaires. Private independent schools in Maryland – such as The St. Paul’s Schools – can be made affordable for families from various socioeconomic backgrounds. That’s because many schools offer families assistance so they can afford private school education for their children. 

Want to learn how to afford private school? In this article, we outline options you can take advantage of to receive tuition assistance for private schools K-12. 

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Financial Aid: Purse Every Penny Financial Aid Offers

Parents who wish to enroll their children into The St. Paul’s Schools can take advantage of the private school tuition assistance program. This program allows qualified students – who would not otherwise have access to our community without tuition assistance – to be enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12.

The St. Paul’s Schools use the SSS system to calculate families’ ability to pay for private education. This system takes family size, income, assets, taxes, number of students, and tax information into consideration. Since families’ financial circumstances may change, parents must reapply for tuition assistance each year.

Once you receive a financial need-based grant, you won’t have to pay back the funds to The St. Paul’s Schools. The amount of money you would receive in a grant depends on your family’s needs and available funds. In addition to grants and scholarships, The St. Paul’s Schools offer affordable payment plans.

Merit Awards/Scholarships

St. Paul’s offers a variety of scholarships for qualifying students. See the following scholarship options below to find the right one for you:

The Levering Scholarships are designated for students entering grades 9 through 11 at the St. Paul’s School for Girls (SPSG). They grant up to $10,000 toward tuition costs each year to students who demonstrate enthusiasm, originality, integrity, creativity, perseverance, and leadership skills. Recipients who remain in good academic standing can receive the grant for the remainder of their time at SPSG.

To be eligible for the Levering Scholarship, students must submit an application along with a one-to-two-page essay describing an experience that demonstrates creativity, perseverance, and energy.

Thomsen Scholarship

SPSG students entering grades 5 through 8 may be eligible for the Thomsen Scholarship, which awards up to $7,500 grants each year toward tuition costs. To receive this scholarship, students must demonstrate kindness, honesty, integrity, hard work, and compassion in a well-organized one-to-two-page essay. They must also submit a complete informational application.

Wagley Scholarship

Incoming SPSG ninth-grade students who are currently enrolled in a state-accredited school may apply for the competitive Wagley Scholarship. This full scholarship is exclusively awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional scholastic merit and is renewable each year. Applicants must include a short answer and essay that demonstrates excellent scholastic ability, citizenship, and achievement.

Other required steps include:

  • Two letters of recommendation: The first letter must be from a current teacher (not including an English or math teacher), head of school, or counselor. The second letter must be from a coach, leader, or instructor from outside the school community.
  • An Otis-Lennon School Ability Test Score (OLSAT): Students must include an OLSAT score from 8th grade.
  • Interview: Students must complete an interview with the Wagley Scholarship Committee prior to acceptance.

Middleton Scholars

Students entering grades 5 through 8 can take advantage of the Middleton Scholars program. This program awards $7,500 per year to students who possess academic excellence and good citizenship, as well as contribute to the school community. Students must demonstrate these qualities in a one-page written essay. Selections for the Middleton Scholars program are made by the head of school, middle school head, and director of admissions.

Kinsolving Scholars

The Kinsolving Scholars program awards $10,000 and is designated for new ninth-grade boys who enroll in The St. Paul’s Schools. The program recognizes students’ prior achievements and future potential. The Head of School, Upper School Principal, and Director of Admissions select students for the Kinsolving Scholars program based on academic merit, character traits, leadership qualities, and service to their community and school. This program aims to challenge students to embrace St. Paul’s mission by adopting knowledge, faith, excellence, compassion, and integrity. Prospective recipients must submit a program application along with an admissions application by a set deadline.

Take Advantage of Payment Plans

To make enrollment into St. Paul’s Schools affordable, we offer several tuition payment options. You can choose from a lump sum payment to monthly installments of up to 10 months. Families must pay an enrollment deposit of 10% of their net tuition to be eligible for a payment plan.

Families who choose the two, three, or ten-month installment plans must do so through FACTS Management Company. Payments will be made on the 1st and 15th of each month and automatically deducted from a checking, savings, or credit card account. See our tuition page for more information on payment costs and deadlines.

How to Enroll Your Child

The St. Paul’s Schools include St. Paul’s Pre and Lower School, St. Paul’s School for Boys, and St. Paul's School for Girls. Students who attend our 120-acre campus have the opportunity to learn in a family-like, small school environment. 

If you wish to enroll your child into The St. Paul’s Schools, you’ll find several different options tailored to your financial needs. To get started, submit your application through the SSS portal. Any additional information or special circumstances the family would like to make known can be sent to Rachel Kincer, Director of Finance, at or 443-632-1030.

To learn more about what The St. Paul’s Schools have to offer, fill out our information request form and one of our personnel will promptly reach out to you.