Preparing for Success with College Counseling

College counseling opens the door for students about to embark on a life-changing event — entering college or university. Many students may leave their hometown while others will stay. They'll face rigorous academic demands, meet new people, and continue their journey to self-discovery and career success.

Because college marks such a significant change in a young person's life, preparing for success with college counseling is vital. When students start the preparation process while still in high school, they can make important decisions that will impact the next segment of their lives.

Why Is College Counseling So Important?

College counseling services are essential for high schoolers looking to compare different universities, complete their applications, and ultimately choose the right college. The relationship a student builds with their college advisor will ensure success in the application process and set the tone for the next step in their journey to higher education and a career.

A student prepares for success during college counseling in high school by communicating professionally, setting up meetings, and assembling material — all skills essential for the road ahead.

What Are the Benefits of College Counseling for High Schoolers?

College counseling provides many benefits to high schoolers, including:

  • Helping them think about what they want out of the college experience
  • Lowering college stress
  • Finding and comparing colleges
  • Helping them fine-tune their application

The St. Paul's Schools: College-Prep Schools for Girls and Boys in Maryland

At St. Paul's School for Boys and St. Paul's School for Girls, we understand the importance of preparing students for success through college counseling. Instead of making students fit the mold of a particular school, we are focused on assessing which college or university is best for each student.

We also believe the college application process can be a rewarding time. For this reason, both of our college-prep schools in Maryland encourage students to choose schools that enhance the foundation of self-exploration, leadership, and learning students have developed in high school.

How Do the Schools Prepare Students for College?

At St. Paul's, we are committed to guiding our high school students through seamless and empowering college search and selection processes. Our counselors work hard to match each student's personal preferences, career aspirations, strengths, and abilities to the best possible university.

College counseling at our schools supports students and families throughout the search process by holding:

  • Individual advising meetings
  • Group meetings
  • Programmatic events

College Counselors at St. Paul's

Appointed college counselors at St. Paul's are continually striving to learn more about individual colleges and stay up to date on their offerings to inform and prepare students. Counselors also understand the issues affecting college admission through membership in professional organizations, college visits, and participation at regional and national conferences.

In January of their junior year, our college-prep school students will select a college counselor. Soon after, students will begin working with their chosen counselor to learn about the college search and selection processes.

To keep both students and parents in the loop with the most recent university information, counselors will send alerts, notifications, and other pertinent information through the College Counseling Office e-mail lists. Password-protected access to a SCOIR account will also be provided through which students and families can conduct their college search.

Contact St. Paul's School for Boys or St. Paul's School for Girls Today 

The St. Paul's Schools is a group of kindergarten through twelfth grade college-preparatory day schools in Baltimore County. Our college-prep schools for girls are represented by St. Paul's School for Girls middle school and upper school, while our college-prep schools for boys include St. Paul's School for Boys middle school and upper school.

Our goal is to provide students with the support they need while encouraging the exploration of individual thoughts, strengths, and dreams for the future. Contact our college-prep school for girls or boys today to learn more about how we prepare students for success.