Ensuring Your Kids Get Physical Activity in a Digital World

Physical activity provides several benefits for kids and can positively impact both physical and mental health. Getting an age-appropriate amount of physical activity also reduces the risk of certain diseases, improves sleep quality, and can build motivation. 

Many children replace physical activity with screen time, though. Games, movies, social media, and other resources in the digital world can supply wonderful educational, social, and recreational opportunities. However, your child needs physical activity to maintain a balanced, healthy routine. 

At The St. Paul's Schools, we know how much physical activity benefits our students. We have some tips on how to get your kids in shape as well as information on how we encourage active lifestyles.

3 Tips to Encourage Physical Activity for Kids

Kids are the most interested in exercising when they have interesting opportunities to get active. Here are three tips to make exercise fun for kids. 

1. Make Screen Time More Healthy

If your child has access to screens, supervising their use of those devices is essential. Most pediatricians recommend limiting screen time to one or two hours daily. Screen time and physical activity aren't mutually exclusive, though. Many games and other interactive media can encourage exercise. You can download games that simulate bowling, playing tennis, or learning dance routines. 

2. Put Physical Activity in Your Schedule

As your children get older, their schedules — and yours — become more hectic. During these years, it's important to schedule times for physical activity. Scheduled exercise can include team practices, games, tournaments, and similar events. Making time for exercise is essential, even if your child is too young for sports or lacks interest in athletics. Alternative activities can include play dates at the park, dance parties before bed, or weekend yoga.   

3. Get Your Family More Active

One of the best ways to get your kids active is to involve the entire family. Bond with your child by playing catch or tag, or share your favorite form of exercise with them. You can also encourage your children to play together. Spend a day hiking with your family on an easy trail, or make other plans to get your family up and moving. 

How St. Paul's Promotes Physical Activity in Our Schools

At St. Paul's, we're always looking for ways to promote physical activity in our schools. We currently offer several enjoyable forms of exercise: 

  • We teach valuable lessons through our athletic programs, which are extensions of our classrooms.
  • At St. Paul's Pre and Lower School, younger children have safe, fun chances to play and explore.  
  • Lower school students have 30 minutes of physical education four to five time each week.
  • Middle school students have physical education two three times each week as well as multiple opportunities to get outside every day.
  • The Dance Conservatory blends art and athletics for an interdisciplinary approach to exercise.
  • St. Paul’s School for Boys hosts 50 teams in 14 sports. 
  • 62% of students at St. Paul's School for Girls play on one of our 37 athletic teams in 16 sports.  
  • Students in various sports earn Division I scholarships each year. 
  • We have an indoor golf center, which promotes athletic interest. 

Contact St. Paul's to learn more about how we encourage our students to participate in athletics and exercise.