Checklist for Looking at a Private Preschool Education

Are you looking at private preschool education for your child and want to be sure you're not missing any important details? The search for the right school comes with a multitude of considerations. You want to be confident that your pick of a private preschool will build a strong foundation for your child to flourish throughout their school years. At the same time, you're looking for an environment where your child can feel comfortable and cared for.

Our private preschool education checklist provides a simple framework to help you in your search. Make sure you're not missing a beat as you find the very best place for your young one to grow.

What Should You Look for in a Private Education?

Your preschool education checklist should cover the basic questions below. You'll likely be able to find the answers on your prospective school's website, via research or through a conversation with a school representative.

Is the School in Good Standing and Accredited?

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure the private preschool is fully accredited and in good standing. You can reach out to your school district to verify this. Also, inquire about the teachers' credentials, including their level of education and experience.

Does the School Meet Your Child's Needs?

From nap time and potty training to varying levels of social comfort, children entering preschool have a wide range of abilities, needs and challenges. Start by considering the ideal environment for your child, and then decide if the school's policies and capabilities will be a good fit. At this stage, you'll also want to consider any afterschool programs and enrichment opportunities available that could benefit your child.

What Kind of Support Does the School Offer?

In addition to credentialed teachers, what kind of extra support does the private preschool offer? Look for schools with guidance counselors, psychologists and other trained specialists who can offer a trained support system for your family. 

Does the School Cultivate a Well-Rounded Educational Philosophy?

It's never too early to begin laying the foundation for lifelong learning. Dig into a school's educational philosophy and consider how well it aligns with your child's needs and your own values.

Does the School Provide a Safe and Caring Environment?

While it's crucial to research how private preschool education fits the bill on paper, it's also important to assess the feel of any prospective school. Look into the school's security policies and playground safety standards, as well as their disciplinary procedures. Consider asking for a shadow day or a campus tour to get a sense of the dynamic between students, teachers and staff.

Other Aspects to Consider

In addition to these basic guidelines, you'll want to find out what others outside of the school think. Consider word-of-mouth endorsements — do you know other parents and educational professionals who have had positive experiences with the private school sector?

Finally, determine whether a private preschool education will work within your budget. If it doesn't, can you access the financial support you need?

Exploring the Benefits of Private Preschool Education

Private preschools offer a number of unique benefits to families. As children enter the school system and grow comfortable in a classroom, they will develop skills that frame their future educational experiences. Building this foundation in a private preschool setting will benefit them in many ways:

• Smaller class sizes: Small classes have been linked to higher academic achievement levels and increased growth. As private school classes are typically half the size of a public school, they provide a space to focus on your child's individual strengths weaknesses.

• Individualized teaching: The freedom and autonomy of a private school give teachers increased independence to tailor lessons to the unique students in the classroom.

• Increased parental involvement: As a parent, you want to be as hands-on in your child's preschool education as possible. Private settings allow you to participate in the community, interact frequently with teachers and become an integral part of your child's educational growth.

Learn More About Our Private Preschool Education

With these private preschool education tips in mind, you are hopefully steps closer to deciding whether this is the right path for your family. Looking for private preschool education you can trust in Brooklandville, MD? The St. Paul's Schools offers an engaging, warm environment for our youngest learners to grow. With small classes, hands-on learning and an atmosphere of educational play, our private preschool students receive enriching experiences from an early age.

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