Advice for Transitioning to a New School

First-day back-to-school nerves are common among students — especially when you're getting ready to start at an entirely new school. This transition can be anxiety-inducing for even the boldest and most outgoing children. The best way to prepare for your upcoming transition is to face your fears head-on with some practical strategies. 

What Are the Common Fears of Transitioning to a New School?

Change often brings a slew of nerves and uncertainty. Starting afresh at school, in particular, seems to come with a belly full of butterflies. New students share several common fears, including:

  • Social anxiety about making friends
  • Academic anxiety about meeting educational standards
  • Fear of acclimating to new teachers
  • Adjusting to new extracurricular activities or joining a sports team.

Four Tips for Facing New School Fears

These fears are natural and valid — but as you'll discover below, they are not insurmountable! With the right mindset, you can face your fears and feel at home in no time.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Your New School

When battling fears about transitioning to a new school, arm yourself with familiarity. School campus tours and shadowing days can help you to find your place and feel comfortable on day one.

2. Stick with Tried-And-True Routines

Adjusting to a new school already comes with a slew of changes, both small and big. Why add another one? Continuing to follow old and familiar routines — from first-day-of-school traditional breakfasts to your bedtime organizational routines — will help you retain a sense of normalcy even during your time of transition. Only mix it up when necessary.

3. Join Extracurricular Activities and Sports Teams

Getting plugged in is an excellent way to find your place in a new school. Whether you're signing up for the school play, joining the chess club or trying out for the soccer team, pick an area that you enjoy and feel comfortable with. Many sports teams or clubs begin meeting before the start of the school year, too, which will help you to make new friends and feel school pride ahead of time. 

4. Focus on the Positives

Map out a list of the positives of your new school. Are you excited to join the football team or try out for the school musical? Have you heard great things about the fabulous cafeteria options or fun field trips? Do you have friends who attend? Focusing on the draws of your new school will help you to reshape your nervous energy into a healthy excitement. 

How Can The St. Paul's Schools Help You Transition?

At The St. Paul's Schools, we're committed to helping each child thrive in our community. Students benefit from learning in a small-school environment with the unparalleled opportunities that only a large campus can provide. Students from preschool to upper school feel safe to stretch their capabilities, uncovering the possibilities in themselves and the world around them.

We welcome our new students with warmth and enthusiasm, facilitating their transition through hands-on small classes as well as ample sports and extracurricular enrichment opportunities. Our small school size means no new student will get lost in the crowd — in fact, you'll find your place in no time. 

Interested in learning more about The St. Paul's Schools? Reach out to our team with any questions, or schedule a tour of our campus online.